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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Unit 4 Measurements

  • Millimetre, centimetre, metre and kilometre are the standard units for length. 
  • To read the measurement accurately, the eyes must be level with the mark to be read.
  • Square millimetre, square centimetre, square metre and square kolimetre are the standard units for area.
  • The area of a square or rectangle can be calculated by multiplying the length and the width.
  • Cubic millimetre, cubic centimetre, cubic metre are the standard units for volume.
  • The volume of a cube or cuboid can be obtained by multiplying the length, the width and the height.

  • Millilitres and litres are standard units for volume of liquids.
  • The eyes should be level with the bottom of the meniscus when taking the volume reading.
  • Milligram (mg), gram (g) and kilogram (kg) are metric units used to measure mass.
  • Processes that repeat uniformly can be used to measure time.
  • The standard units for time are second, minute and hour.
  • Standard units are needed for accuracy and consistency. 

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