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Saturday, 22 October 2011

Soalan Unit 3

  1. What special characteristic does a pangolin have to protect itself from enemies?

              A         Has a hard shell
              B        Has hard scales
              C        Has sharp claws
              D        Has a bad smell

     2.  What special characteristics do these plants have   
          to protect them from danger?
              A        Fine hair
              B       Thorns
              C        Latex
              D        Hard stem

     3.  How do centipedes and scorpions protect themselves from danger?
              A        Sting their enemies

              B        Produce a bad smell
              C        Change colours similar to their surroundings
              D        Display false eyes

     4. The plant below cannot be eaten by animals because
              A        Its stems have thorns
              B        Its stems produce latex
              C        Its leave have fine hairs
              D        Its leaves have bitter taste

   5. The diagram below shows an animal.

       How does this animal survive in extreme weather in its habitat ?

            A         They have thick fur.
            B         They wallow in rivers.
            C         They have humps to store food and water.
            D         They have a thick layer of fat beneath their skin.

   6.  Which of the following is true ?

Curl up their bodies
Have two large spots on their wings
Bed bugs
Have venomous stings
Have hard scales

  7.     Which of the followings animals have sharp claws to protect themselves from
           being attacked by enemies ?

I           cat
II          Elephant
III         Tiger

A         I only
B         III only
C         I and III only
D         I, II and III

  8.  The information below shows the specific characteristics of a plant.

S  Has stem that can bent
S  Has strong and big stem

            This shows that the plant can protect from ..............................

            A         enemies
            B         dry region
            C         strong wind
            D         excessive loss of water

  9.  The plants that has fine hairs to protect itself from enemies is

            A         mimosa
            B         bamboo
            C         yam plant
            D         papaya tree

10.  A plant has these characteristics.

   ¯    Roll up its leaves
   ¯    Has a layer of wax on  the leaves
 What is the purpose of these characteristics ?

            A         To protect the plant from losing too much water.
            B         To protect the leaves from being eaten by animals.
            C         To prevent insect from laying eggs on the leaves.
            D         To prevent rainwater from collecting on the leaves.

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