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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Soalan Unit 7

 1.  Which of the following devices can be used to overcome the limitation of 

I Rocket
II Telephone
III Elevator

A         I and II only  
B         I and III only             
C         II and III only
D         I, II and III     

  2.  What have Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler contributed?

A         There are pioneers in diesel engine car
B         They invited the first bullet train in the world
C         There are the pioneers in developing steam engine cars
D         There are pioneers in developing petrol engine cars

  3.  Compact disc and diskette are the latest devices in the invention in technology. These devices can be used in

A         a radio.                                 
B         a satellite.
C         a computer.             
            D         a television.

  4.  Which of the following devices are not used in the field of communication?

I Computer
II Calculator
III Skyscraper

A         I and II only                          
B         I and III only
C         II and III only            
D         I, II and III

  5.  Which of the following devices does not involve the use of electric wires in the transfer of information?

A         Satellite                                
B         Telephone
C         Television                           
            D         Computer

  6.  Bridges, dams and skyscrapers are some examples of development of

           Technology in the field of

A         transportation                                
B         construction
C         communication                              
            D         agriculture

  7.  In what field of technology does a bird such as a dove play in olden times?

A         Decoration                                      
B         Communication
C         Transportation                               
D         Agriculture

  8.  In ancient time, the cave people draw on the cave walls. This shows the way  they

I save the information
II produce arts
III communicate with other people
IV decorate their homes

A         II and III only
B         III and IV only
C         I, II and III only
D         I, II, III and IV

  9.  What are the disadvantages of the communication system used before the

            invention of the radio?

I           It depended on weather
II          The destination to where the information was sent was limited
III         It took a longer time to receive the information

A         I and II only                          
B         I and III only
C         II and III only            
D         I, II and III

  10.  Which of the following devices can be used to guide us in a forest?

A         Television                           
B         Compass
C         Magnifying glass               
D         Video player

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