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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Soalan Unit 4

  1.  Calculate the area of the diagram shown

                                    12 cm

  3 cm

            A         9 cm²
            B         12 cm²
            C         34 cm²
            D         36 cm²

  2.  Which of the following statement is true about the mass of an object?

A         Smaller objects have more mass
B         The mass of an object is not related to the size.
C         The mass of an object is not affected by the gravity.
D         The mass of an object is measured in gram or kilogram.

  3.  Which of following pairs are true about the type of measurement and their units?

Cubic meter
Square meter

            A         I and II only                             C         I, II, and IV only
            B         II and III only                           D         I, II, III and IV

  4.  Which is the correct formula to calculate the area?
A         Area = Length ´ Width
            B         Area = Width ´ Height
C         Area = Length ´ Height
D         Area = Length ´ Height ´ Width

  5.  Study the statement below.

Text Box: Tina has the fastest time in a 100 metres race.           

Which of the following tool can be used to measure time in the race?

A         Hourglass
B         Stopwatch
C         Wristwatch
D         Digital watch

  6.  What is the standard unit for length?

            I           Millilitre
            II          Millimetre
            III         Centimetre

            A         I only
            B         I and II only
            C         II and III only
            D         I, II and III only

  7.  Among the following, which has the biggest surface area ?

A   Tennis court
B    Netball field
C   Football field
D   Badminton court

  8.  Which answer below shows the correct arrangement from the smallest to the  
                  biggest length ?
A    metre, millimeter, centimeter, kilometer
B    kilometre, metre, centimeter, millimetre                                                            
                  C    centimeter, metre, kilometer, millimeter
                  D    millimeter, centimeter, metre, kilometre

  9.  If each glass has a volume of 200 ml, what is the total volume of the bottle?
Water was poured into a bottle until half full.
Then, all the water In the bottle was poured into three glasses until each glass is full 

A   200ml
B  400ml
C  600ml
D  1200ml

  10.  Which of the following are units for measuring length using parts of the body?

                    I    Metre
                    II   Span              
                    III  pinch              
                    IV  Arm span

                   A              I and II only
                   B              I, II and III only
                   C              III and IV only
                   D              II, III and IV only

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