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Friday, 28 October 2011

Unit 5 Materials - Lesson 1

Lesson 1 Materials Around You

We can group objects around us according to the materials they are made from. Can you group them?

We use different types of materials in our everyday life. Can you name them?

  •  We make bricks, cups, pots and tiles from clay. 

  •  We use leather to make shoes and bags. 

  •  Some objects in the kitchen are made of metal.  

  •  Some containers and spoons are made of plastic

  •  Rubber bands, tyres and balloons are made of rubber

  • We use wood to make wooden houses, furniture and paper. 

Do You Know?
The fastest bomber in World War II, the British De Havilland Mosquito, was made of wood.

Quick Check :

1. Name six objects found at home.
2. Suggest one way to classify them. 

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