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❤No matter what have happened and whether you are ready or not, every next moment is gonna be a brand new start.❤
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Saturday, 19 November 2011

Soalan Unit 6

1.  The biggest planet in the Solar System is

            A         Mars
            B         Earth
            C         Jupiter
D         Mercury

   2.  In our Solar System, Earth’s nearest neighbour is the

A         Sun
B         Moon
C         planet Mars
D         planet Venus

3.  Which of the following are planets in the Solar System?

  P – Saturn               R - Asteroids
                     Q – Comets             S - Neptune                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
         A.        P and Q only
         B         P and S only
         C         Q, R and S only
         D         P, Q, R and S

4.  Which is true about the Earth?

            I           The Earth is a planet with one moon
            II          The Earth is the fifth largest planet in the Solar System
            III         The Earth is the third farthest planet from the Sun
            IV         A large part of the Earth is covered with water

            A         I, II, and III only
            B         I, II, and IV only
            C         II, III, and IV only
            D         I, II, III, and IV

5.  How many times of the Earth size is the Sun?

            A         About ten
            B         About one hundred
            C         About one million
            D         About one billion

6.  Alia gets information below from references book

             Most beautiful planet
             Surrounded by three wide rings
             They can be seen with a telescope
           The statement above refer to

            A         Saturn
            B         Uranus
            C         Jupiter
            D         Neptune          

7.  The Solar System has ________ planets.

            A         8
         B         9
         C         10
         D         11

8.   Objects X can be found in various shapes and sizes. They form smaller rocks when they collided with each other. They can be found between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. What is object X?

A         Asteroids
         B         Meteors
         C         Comets
         D         Natural satellites   

9.  The Earth rotates on its axis. How long does the Earth take to make one rotation on its own axis?

A           60 minutes
B           24 hours
C           30 days
D           365 days

10.  Which statements about the Moon are true?

                   I    The Moon is the earth’s natural satellite
                  II    We can see full Moon every night
                III    There is no oxygen to support life on Moon
                IV    The Moon is twice the size of the Earth

A             I and III only
B             I, II and III only
C             II and IV only
D             II, III and IV only

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