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❤No matter what have happened and whether you are ready or not, every next moment is gonna be a brand new start.❤
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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Soalan Unit 5

1.  Object M can float in water but object N cannot. M and N are respectively

plastic ruler
metal fork
rubber slipper
plastic cup
ice-cream stick
wooden ruler

2.  Which of the following is not true ?

Flower pot
Leather shoe
Wooden chair
Wooden table

3.  What makes iron rust?

            A         Exposure to air only.
            B         Exposure to water only
            C         Exposure to sunlight only
            D         Exposure to air and water only

4.  Rusting of iron can be prevented by

            I           painting
            II          applying oil
            III         applying grease
            IV         spraying water

            A         I only
            B         I and II only
            C         I, II and III only
            D         I, II, III and IV.

5.  Which of the following cannot rust?
            I           needle                        
            II          wooden table  
            III         paper clip       
            IV         handbag

            A         I and II only
            B         I and III only
            C         II and III only
            D         II and IV only

6.  Which statement is true?

            A         Wood floats on water and is used to make furniture only
            B         Glass is easily breakable and does not absorb water
            C         Silk is waterproof and used to make umbrellas
            D         Plastic is stiff and dense.

7.  The diagram shows objects made of the same material.     


Which material is used to make the objects above?

A         Wood
B         Glass
C         Plastic
            D         Rubber 

8.  The diagram shows two objects.


Which of the following explain why synthetic cloth is used to make part P of the objects?

I           It is a good conductor of heat
II          It does not absorb water
III         It is a strong material

A         I and II only
B         II and III only
C         I and III only
D         I, II and III

9.  Mr. Lim placed bottles of iced water and chilled drinks in the polystyrene box for a picnic. Why was polystyrene used?

            A         It is light
B         It does not melt
C         It does not break
D         It keeps drinks cold

10.  Which of these methods can be used to prevent rusting?

           I       Coating iron with paint
           II      Coating iron with oil             
           III     Coating iron with paper
           IV     Coating iron with grease

          A      I and II
          B      I, II and III
          C      I, II and IV
          D      I, II, III and IV

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