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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Unit 7 Technology Around Us - Lesson 2

Lesson 2 Development Of Technology

Humans develop technology for the betterment of mankind. This development has made the world a better and more comfortable place to live in.

Technology In Agriculture

A long time ago, simple devices were used to dig holes, and loosen the soil. When humans discovered metal, they invented devices to plant crops. Later, animals were used to plough the land.

These devices take a long time to complete the work. As the population increases, humans need to plant more crops. Work need to be done more quickly. Tractors were invented to replace the work done by humans and animals. 

Technology In Communication

drawings —>  smoke signals —> beating drums —> carrier pigeons and post —>  telegraph  —> telephone, radio, television

smoke signals

beating drums

carrier pigeons and post





Telegraph and devices such as the telephone allow humans to communicate with each other in far away places. Today, these devices are known as telecommunication technology. 


fax  machine



Technology In Transportation

Compare the changes in land, water and air transport. Why do you think humans need to innovate or invent better transport?
Beside land transport, humans also develop better and faster water and air transport. These devices shorten the travelling time. They allow humans to travel to far away places. 

Technology In Construction

A long time ago, humans lived in caves and built houses from clay and parts of plants. However, these shelters were not safe. They were not strong and were easily destroyed. 

Today, most houses are built using bricks, concrete and steel. These materials are stronger. Humans are now able to build bigger and taller buildings. 

The construction of bridges has undergone many changes. Describe some of the changes in the pictures above. 

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