❤I've been used to reserving myself. Only by doing this won't I get hurt when I'm leaving.❤
❤No matter what have happened and whether you are ready or not, every next moment is gonna be a brand new start.❤
❤Whatever you do, remember that you do it for yourself, then you will not complain.❤
❤If you get tired one day, you will see my smile as long as you turn around.❤

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Unit 3 Protection - Lesson 3

Lesson 3 Survival

You have learnt that animals have specific characteristics and behaviours to protect them from enemies and extreme weather. This enable them to survive.

Look at the pictures below. How do the animals protect themselves from their enemies and extreme weather conditions?

  • Armadillos find food at night. When they are attack by their enemies, they curl their bodies into a ball. The hard scales protect them against their enemies. 

  • Arctic foxes are able to survive changes in the weather. Their fur is brown in summer but turns into white in winter. This help them hide from their enemies. 

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