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❤No matter what have happened and whether you are ready or not, every next moment is gonna be a brand new start.❤
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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Soalan Unit 2

           1   Which of the followings are the life processes of humans?
                 I breathing                II reproducing                III sleep              IV respond to stimuli

                A  I and III only
                B  II and III only
                C  I, II and IV only
                D  I, II, III and IV

2   We need to remove (excrete) waste materials from our bodies because the

     waste materials will

    A   make us weak.

    B   make us grow tired easilly.

    C   make us put on weight quickly.

    D   make us become unhealthy

3  What is meant by excretion ?

    A   Discharging digested materials.

    B   Discharging toxic fluid which can be found in the body.

    C   Discharging the materials that are not needed by the body.

    D   The removal of waste products in the form of feaces and urine. 

4  Which of the following shows the correct grouping of animals based on their reproduction?
                        Lay eggs                     Giving birth

                A  Whale       Cow
                B  Squirrel     Tiger
                C  Fish          Cat
                D  Chicken    Owl

5  Which of the following are waste products of humans ?
    I        Carbon dioxide
    II        Sweat
    III         Oxygen
    IV         Urine

    A         I and II only
    B         I and III only
    C         I, II and III only
    D         I, II and IV only

6  When human defecate, it produced

    A         urine
    B         water
    C         sweat
    D         faeces

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