❤I've been used to reserving myself. Only by doing this won't I get hurt when I'm leaving.❤
❤No matter what have happened and whether you are ready or not, every next moment is gonna be a brand new start.❤
❤Whatever you do, remember that you do it for yourself, then you will not complain.❤
❤If you get tired one day, you will see my smile as long as you turn around.❤

Monday, 10 October 2011

Soalan Unit 1


Answer all questions.

Every question is followed by  four answer A, B, C and D.  Choose the correct answer. Then, blacken your answer on the answer sheet provided. The suggested time for this section is 45 minutes. If  you are unable to answer a question, proceed to the next questio

1          What are the basic needs of human beings ?

S    Food
T    Water
U   Shelter
V    Air

A   S and U only
B   T and V only
C   S, U and V only
D   S, T, U and V

2       The diagram below shows an experiment.
Which of the following may happen after one week ?

A   The mouse will grow.
B   The mouse will die.
C   The mouse will compete to get food.
D   The mouse will compete to get air.

3        Why do humans and animals need shelters? They need shelters to:
A   breathe
B   help them grow
C   protect themselves from danger
D  stay alive

Match the picture to the name of shelter

                                     Hut                  Bungalow             Cave                 Flat

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